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Campus Crops is a student run urban gardening initiative at McGill University's downtown campus. We want to grow food on campus, by students, for students. We have been running garden behind the School of Environment building at 3534 University since 2007. In 2009 we started a terrace garden behind the James Administration building. We're really excited to keep improving these two spaces, and need lots of helping hands for the summer ahead! Get in touch and get gardening!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our container garden! Soon!

It is now a matter of days/weeks (depends how you count) before we can put up our container garden and plant stuff! While our soil garden is being "renovated" (or destroyed, depends how you see it), we planned the design and crops for our garden behind the James Administration building.

It's going to be a great garden, but we'll need help to actually make the containers (since we took all of them apart last year) and plant crops. We have yet to decide on an exact date for this, but stay tuned. If you feel like washing and repairing some containers in the meantime, just email us at campuscrops@gmail.com.

Anyway, here are some cool 3D pictures of the site (we want to thank the MacDonald campus computer labs for their landscaping software).

For those who want to know:
-That's an A-frame.
-That's a hoophouse.
-That's our potato box.
-And that's the model of self-watering containers we're going to build.

To scale. View from the North-East (James Admin building on the left, going upslope).

To scale. View from the South.

The set of 10 containers at the bottom left will be under our A-frame. This plan is to scale.

The characters are a bit small, but that's the best we could get on this blog. This plan is not to scale.

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