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Campus Crops is a student run urban gardening initiative at McGill University's downtown campus. We want to grow food on campus, by students, for students. We have been running garden behind the School of Environment building at 3534 University since 2007. In 2009 we started a terrace garden behind the James Administration building. We're really excited to keep improving these two spaces, and need lots of helping hands for the summer ahead! Get in touch and get gardening!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Better late than never!

At last! Finally! Was about time!

We know, we're quite late at the party, but a few things delayed our garden opening this year. We've decided to get things done once and for all this Saturday June 1 at 1pm, rain or shine! The weather will most likely not be perfect, so dress accordingly (at least it's not going to be 7 effing Celsius degrees like last weekend).

During the afternoon, we will assemble the self-watering containers that are not done yet (about a dozen), prepare the beds in the soil garden and, if all goes well, plant. Everyone is invited, especially people who want to be involved in the collective!

For Facebook users, there is a Facebook event.

As an hors-d'oeuvre, a few pictures:

Our new garden, finalized, although there's still a bit of work to do
 around it (none of our concerns, now that we can plant!).

Our dearest japanese knotweed has awoken from its slumber.
It is, unfortunately, quite vigorous.

A nice specimen, about 12 inches high. The little things are taking advantage
of the fact that the area is in renovation and almost impossible to mow.

Our hoop house, doing its thing behind the James Administration building.

The seedlings we got last week from the Vert-ta-ville seedling sale
at the Concordia greenhouse. Doing well despite the less-than-ideal weather!

From left to right, we got cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, parsley, peppers, ground cherries, eggplants, oregano, onions, leeks, and lavender.

The terrace, with the completed self-watering containers along the sides. Since there will be renovations around the drain, near the center, we were asked not to put any container there for the moment.

All of them containers, along with the hoop house, at the far end, and the potato box, right in front of the hoop house.

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