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Campus Crops is a student run urban gardening initiative at McGill University's downtown campus. We want to grow food on campus, by students, for students. We have been running garden behind the School of Environment building at 3534 University since 2007. In 2009 we started a terrace garden behind the James Administration building. We're really excited to keep improving these two spaces, and need lots of helping hands for the summer ahead! Get in touch and get gardening!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello all you fine August-enjoying folk!

For all those who weren't able to attend the sign-making + doc-watching event on August 19th, here's a recap of what happened and some photos for good measure!

Because of some pretty ridiculously unfortunate technical issues, the screening was not held outside in the garden but in someone's apartment (the important thing being that it still happen).  However, due to the oversight of a forgetful individual (ahem...me) the documentary we intended to screen (The Global Banquet: Politics of Food) was not shown, instead, we watched an episode from CBC's The Nature of Things (narrated by David Suzuki).  The theme was changes in modern agriculture in Canada, but was actually primarily about livestock production.  The script and tone of the doc made it clear that the target audience was not anyone with any background knowledge in agriculture or the food production industry as it is today.  Somewhat of an intellectual disappointment, however, there was lots of material for us to question and critique in or discussion after the doc.

The signs were made by painting black chalkboard paint onto small little plastic garden signs, then plant names were written with greasy "China" markers (if you were ever in a Bio/Chem lab you probably would have used these).  Interesting note, the "China" markers were actually made in Mexico...

The whole night was a lot of fun (let's not forget the delllliiiccccious vegan pizza and yummy blueberry pie...mmmm).  Thanks everyone who helped organize/attended the event!

I completely forgot motherwort was growing in the garden!
Supposed to be good for relieving muscle cramps, stress,
insomnia, preventing hemorrhages - the list goes on!
I spy with my little eye 3 little flies...
Awesome carrot sign cut from garbage-scavenged,
crappy IKEA faux-wood table.  Haven't you always
wanted to know what you would look like with the
body of a carrot? Once we get it set up in the
garden, you'll be able to find out!

Hopefully we'll be putting on another crafts/screening event once the school year gets underway - we'll let you know! :) 

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