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Campus Crops is a student run urban gardening initiative at McGill University's downtown campus. We want to grow food on campus, by students, for students. We have been running garden behind the School of Environment building at 3534 University since 2007. In 2009 we started a terrace garden behind the James Administration building. We're really excited to keep improving these two spaces, and need lots of helping hands for the summer ahead! Get in touch and get gardening!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garden opening in 2012!

Gardening season begins! After the long long winter and the rather crazy spring, the temperature should be settling down nicely in the next week with spring frost well behind us. With that, we will be opening the garden next week on Saturday 1pm, mixing compost into the rather clayish soil of the lower garden and weeding the bins in our upper terrace gardens and raised beds.

Then there is that patch of ground with the ever invasive Japanese knotweed, which appears to be slowly creeping towards the garden. To control them we will need to cut them many many times and disposed of the stalks safely for fear that it might take over everything. From the numerous online sites, our organic attempts at controlling them will likely be a long and multi-yeared struggle.

Lots of things to do and elbow grease needed so bring your friends and your friends friends to come dig with us!

Meeting is on Saturday May 12, 2012 1:00pm behind 3534 University (Dept. of Environment building). See you there!

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